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Belief and faith automatically reflect by doing the DIVINE PAATH. This Paath is beyond all kinds of gimmicks. Atheist can also do it easily.  by Sadguru Vaani.

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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Vip Views

Blessed People

Relief from Eye Problem
My son Arun is 7 years old. He used to feel irritation in his eyes since childhood. His eyes used to change colors which used to worry us a lot. We consulted Dr. Harish Gupta and Dr. Arving Goel in Vardan Hospital. Afer going through some tests, they said that he had this defect by birth which can not be treated with medicines. They said that his eyes could be operated upon only afer he reaches the age of 18. According to them, there was no other alternative. We consulted another doctor who said that he had a dust allergy which could be cured by some eye drops. He prescribed some drops which did not help. Meanwhile, his eyes went weak and he had to use specs. In 2006 we took divine beej mantras and started doing Paath regularly. Now, my son's eye sight is normal and he has never com- plained of any irritation in his eyes.

Arun Kumar, Ghaziabad, UP
Stomach Problem Cured
I took divine Beej Mantras in 2006, I was suffering from a peculiar stomach problem. Every month, my stomach used to swell. Only the heavy dosage of  medicines and expensive injections could help the swelling to come down. Dr. Anil Verma of Ghaziabad treated me for 7 months, but with- out any positive results. Te doctor told me that I would always have to depend on medicines and take precautions. My whole family was disturbed due to my condition. Tere seemed to be no hope for me. A friend advised that I should try the Cosmic Sound Secrets taught by Gurudev. I found out that there was a cosmic grace convention soon to be held in Dehradun. I participated in the convention and got initiated into  Cosmic Sound  Secrets. I started practicing them regularly and could feel the diference from day one itself. Now I am com- pletely normal.

Indra Devi,  Gaziabad, UP
Serious accidental problem solved
I met Param Pujya Gurudev in 2002 and had taken divine Beej Mantras.  My son is employed in an aero plane.  Once he went to Lucknow.  As soon as he got out of the aero plane suddenly the fan started as a result a part of the ceiling of a bus standing nearby fell on his head.  Some people manage to drag him out of the spot.  But he was too much hurt.  His bone of forehead had broken and his veins of brain were also hurt too much.  His nose was bleeding heavily.  After three days we brought him to Delhi.  Doctors said that operation is a must but he may go into coma also.  His state was unbearable for me.  Doctor started the operation and I started doing the divine Paath at my home.  The operation was successful.  By the grace of divine Paath my son completely got all-right in just one month.

Smt. Vimla, Vikaspuri, New Delhi.
Unpredicted success in Education
I personally met Param Pujya Gurudev in 2006 in the Jallandhar convention and received divine Beej Mantras. I was doing B.Sc. third year at that time and I was an average student.  But by the effect of Beej Mantras I got 61% marks in that year. Then I took admission in B. Ed. and got 67% marks. After that I took admission in M. Sc. (Botany) from Bundelkhan University, Jhansi.  In M. Sc. (Botany) I got 77.88% marks.  I stood first in my class and was awarded the Gold Medal.  By the grace of Almighty then I took admission in M. Phil (Botany) from this University itself.  I feel that my education in this field of education has become possible through the Paath of Divine Beej Mantras.  Otherwise for an average student like me, it would just not have been possible to achieve all this.

Chinuka, Hamirpur (H.P.)
Child in womb got cured
Our daughter-in-law Sunita was four months pregnant. She was undergoing a treatment under Dr. Sood in Kaithal. During her ultrasound, it was found that the child's chest was filled with water. Dr. Sood referred us to PGI hospital in order to abort the child. After undergoing 12 ultrasounds, doctors gave us a month long date. We also went to Hisar, where my daughter-in-law underwent treatment for four months. We started doing paath of divine beej mantras. After this by the God's Grace the X-ray report came normal. The child was absolutely fine. Dr Sood was himself quite surprised. Later on, a normal child was born through normal delivery. This is the result of divine beej mantras provided by Param Pujya Gurudev and his blessings.

Sunita Rani, Kaithal, Haryana
Got admission in American University
My experience is related to my son, Ritul Raj Sharma. I got him initiated into Cosmic Sound Secrets in the Mohri convention in 2009 and also bestowed on him special blessings. We wanted him to get through IIT engineering entrance tests. With the cosmic secrets, my son had a change of mind and today, he is doing computer engineering from Purdue University, America. The university is ranked 9th for computer science. We belong to a middle class family and funding the educational expenses abroad was beyond our limits. But with Gurudev's blessings and secrets, even the impossible had become possible.

Uma Sharma, Patiala, Punjab.
Narrow escape from Death
My family and I have been blessed a lot many times by Param Pujya Gurudevji. My father, Mr. Krishana Lal was taken ill suddenly. His problem could not be diagnosed. We got him tested many times and the ailment of heart was detected. Doctors informed us their he may or may not survive. I was really worried to see  his condition worsening day by day. I prayed to Gurudevji and started doing paath of divine beej mantras. My father recovered swiftly and narrowly escaped death. Today, he is absolutely all-right. His heart is working normal. I would always remain grateful to Gurudev. My salutations at the feet of Gurudev and Gurumaa.

Madan Mehndiratta, Yamunanagar, Haryana
Vein Blockage in brain cured
In April 2009, my mother's vein in brain got blocked. Due to which she had extreme pain in her head. We took her to doctors, taken allopathic and ayurvedic treatment, but there were no results. She would take medicines thrice a day and doctors had confirmed that she would take at least 8-9 months to recover. My mother started doing paath of divine beej mantras regularly and gradually the pain in her head disappeared. Her problem of brain blockage got solved after 4-5 months. Today she does not require any medicine at all.

Anisha Jain, Panchkula, Haryana
Redemption from Cancer
In the month of January a gland developed in my breast.  Doctor examined and test of F.N.S.C. was suggested and the cancer was detected.  The doctor said that the whole breast needs to be removed.  The whole family got worried to hear this.  I took special grace from Param Pujya Gurudev in 2005.  I had firm faith yet I was much fearful because doctor had diagnosed cancer.   Meanwhile I got opportunity to go the Convention at Mohri.  While sitting in the Samagam I was praying Param Pujya Sadgurudev to protect me.  After the samagam I went to the AIIMS for the test.  The report was normal.  Then I visited Dr. Harit Chaturvedi of Max Hospital.  A minor operation was done and after that the report was absolutely normal.  The doctor said that this is not a case of cancer.  They were surprised but I was very happy.  I knew that all this had happened through the Divine Paath only.

Varuna Vij, Malviya Nagar, New Delhi
Glandular swelling in uterus got all-right
During the Prabhu Kripa Dukh Niwaran Samagam on 7-8th March, 2009 held in Firozepur, Punja I had taken special grace from Param Pujya Gurudev and had received the Divine Beej Mantras.  I had taken a treatment from Dr. Anamika about a year back.  She asked for an ultrasound.  In the ultrasound report glandular swelling in uterus was detected and the doctor advised for an operation.  I did not want to go in for operation.  I continued the Divine Paath of Beej Mantras regularly.  In December 2009 I again went for ultrasound.  This report was normal.  There were no symptoms of glandular swelling at all.  By the effect of Divine Paath I am completely healthy today.

Kusum Chhabra, Firozepur, Punjab